Xiang Zhao

Molecular Biologist and Neuroscientist

Enthusiastic in understanding the secrets of development and stem cell.

Xiang joins the Royer lab at CZ Biohub to build a multi-modal Cellular Atlas of Vertebrate Development, using Zebrafish as a model organism. Xiang will make use of cutting edge technology, combining single-cell sequencing, state-of-the-art imaging, CRISPR-Cas9 guided genomic engineering, and genetic transgenesis to explain the fundamental mechanisms underlyingdevelopmental disorders and disease.
Xiang was awarded his PhD by the University of Helsinki Neuroscience Center. He has learned to use both Zebrafish and mouse models for studying gene function in vertebrate forebrain development. Moving to UCSF and joining Professor Su Guo’s lab as a Postdoc, he continued his research on neurogenesis in the developing zebrafish brain. By using high resolution, time-lapse imaging, Xiang has identified that cell polarity proteins regulate directional endosomal trafficking in the asymmetric cell division of neural stem cells, yielding one proliferating daughter cell and one differentiating daughter cell in vivo.

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