Hirofumi Kobayashi

Postdoc (JSPS )

At the intersection between microscopy and deep learning.

Hirofumi is a recipient of the prestigious JSPS fellowship. In the lab, his focus is on developing novel techniques for image restoration and image analysis using deep learning techniques. Moreover, he helps with optical development on some exciting upcoming projects.

Hirofumi majored in applied chemistry, where his thesis topic was generating interstellar molecules. During his Master's degree, he developed a replication-incompetent bivalent vaccine against influenza and parainfluenza viruses. After 1 year of research into regenerative medicine using iPS cells, and cell metabolism, Hirofumi pursued his Ph.D. developing ultra high-speed imaging flow cytometry and image analysis pipelines. Using deep learning, he analysed drug susceptibility of leukemia cells in blood without dilution or hemolysis.

Hiro really loves interdisciplinary research, and wishes to continue in this direction, working with colleagues from totally diverse backgrounds. He looks forward to developing more interdisciplinary contributions from the Royer lab.

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